TrainwithPSD offers a variety of services formal, informal, corporate, school/club/ university visits etc

 TrainwithPSD - Corporate

Motivating an individual isn't always easy but having others to do it with you can always give you that extra push. This can apply in the workplace environment and in sport too. Both of which have a competitive edge when wanting to better yourself. I like to take that into peoples work environment to allow for them to transfer that attitude away from work, a break from the usual and channel it into a workout with me. This service provides team building through fitness workouts and/or running sessions, introducing that being active can be enjoyable too.

What it involves:

  • Fitness workout
  • Running session
  • inspirational talks
  • additional option of TalkwithPSD (see below)

 TrainwithPSD - School visits

I love working with the young people. My first introduction to athletics was at primary school, I am passionate about passing on my knowledge and experience to the next generation. Aiming to deliver quality athletics while educating them on good practice.

what's included:

  • a practical athlete led session
  • warm up/stretches
  • drills/skills
  • practical session 
  • cool down

additional options

  • Q&A
  • presentation (topics covered at your request)
  • special guest appearance and prize giving at assemblies or award evenings


TrainwithPSD - College/University/sport club visit

I myself attended sixth form and university. I know first hand the stress of getting the grades to get into the university of your choice plus trying to also be the best you can be at sport. From my experience I know the commitment and sacrifices needed for academia and an extra ciricular activity. I like to share my own experience that both can be done and that I believe hard work pays off.

what's included:

  • guest appearance
  • powerpoint presentation
  • followed by a Q&A
  • group photo

options also available:

  • prize giving at an awards ceremony
  • workshops tailored to your request of topics covered

TrainwithPSD - Workshops/clinics

suitable for sports clubs, school, community, groups 

  • tailored to your requirements
  • full/half day package available


TalkwithPSD is a chance to meet and hear from Perri sharing her story. How her  athletic career started, what it takes to be an Olympic Athlete and injury nightmares.

 options available:

  • Guest appearances at an event
  • Q&A
  • inspirational talk
  • motivational presentation

 TrainwithPSD-VIP package

Get to hangout with PSD with an informal meet and greet, where you get to spend quality time with Perri. She will take you through a full practical session, share some tips throughout the session. This can be a one on one basis or up to groups of 4. Lasting approximately 1 hour. There are the list of packages:

Bronze:All of the above 

Silver:All of the above with a photo opportunity with Perri

Gold:All of the above except it's a 2 hour session followed by a chat over a coffee and includes a signed photo. You can have the option for Perri to come to your  preferred location or vice versa  

 TrainwithPSD is based in London however all services are available in and around the UK

For more info contact us via email at: