Train with Olympic Athlete (Perri Shakes-Drayton) 
"A first hand experience of working out with an Olympian. It's high intensity but a fun workout. Demonstrating workouts that take place anywhere with none or minimal equipment." - PSD

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What you can expect from TrainwithPSD?

TrainwithPSD is an intense hour workout helping improve cardiovascular system and strength. It's a full body circuits that targets the legs, arms, abs and arms. Aspects of running are implemented into the session too involving varied running comprising of short sprints and long runs to get the cardiovascular system working a little more. and if you aren't already motivated you can expectMusic pumping, fun and upbeat experience using all areas of the venue (if possible).

Will Perri Shakes-Drayton actually be present?

Yes. The sessions are lead by Perri Shakes-Drayton herself providing a snippet of a session that she does on a regular basis which got her to be the world class stage and continues to get her into great shape.

Can anyone sign up?

It is for all ages, genders, shapes, ability and fitness levels. She aims to motivate, encourage and aid people to believe they can better themselves both physically and mentally!

How long are the sessions?

A 1 hour session intense session includes a warm up, drills, main session followed by a cool down with stretches.

Is equipment provided?

Equipment is provided so all you need to do it turn up and be ready to work hard (oh bring have water to have so you can grab when your throats feeling a lil dry!)

How many people can attend the class?

Attendees are based on a first come first serve basis